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International Relations Office

Portucalense University Infante D. Henrique (UPT) is a private higher education institution, created in June of 1986, located in Porto, dedicated to delivering high quality teaching and responding to the needs of high quality students. UPT mission is to educate a new kind of professional, with the intellectual abilities, cross- cultural versatility, practical skills and ethics needed to be successful in today’s competitive business world. Our main asset is people and we invite you to join us in our project.

Studying in Portucalense and staying in Porto is a great experience. Students can benefit from the atmosphere of a vibrant city, whilst enjoying its magnificent artistic and architectural heritage. The experience of living in a country with a different culture is an important factor in both personal and institutional enrichment.

UPT has adopted a development strategy of international cooperation with the aim of improving lifelong learning. The INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS OFFICE is in charge of coordinating all the mobility programs, including not only student exchange, but also areas such as student placements in enterprises, university staff training and teaching for enterprise staff.

UPT is organized across four Departments: Economics and Management Sciences, Education Sciences and Heritage, Innovation, Science and Technology, and Law and teaches 1st, 2nd and 3rd cycle courses and post graduate courses, structured according to the Bologna Process.


In November 2011, we had a “vernissage” of a famous Portuguese painter exhibition, Júlio Resende, and we appreciated Porto wine and “brigadeiros” a lot! The majority of the 1st semester 2011/2012 Incoming students were there, well representing three countries: Italy, Poland and Spain!


Erasmus Program

Dinner with 1st semester 2011/2012 Incoming students. We had several recipes from Spain, Poland and Portugal and pasta made by Alessandro from Italy


International Semester


Susana Carvalho (OUT mobility) • Susana Correia Silva (IN mobility)

Reception Hours: Weekly schedule (Monday through Friday) 09:00 through 12:30 and 14:00 through 17:30


Paula Morais Institution
Cristina Costa Lobo Department of Educational and Heritage Sciences
Daniela Castilhos Department of Law
Isabel Seruca Department of Innovation, Science and Technology


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