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Degree in Tourism

Course Curriculum 2017/2018

1st Year, 1st SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Economy and Politics of Tourism567.567.5
General Principles of Tourism667.567.5
Geography of Tourism567.567.5
Methods and Techniques in Tourism667.567.5
Portuguese Language Laboratory3301545
Recreation and Leisure567.567.5

1st Year, 2nd SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Accounting Applied to Tourism567.567.5
Art and Heritage78080
Information and Knowledge Society3301545
Markets and Products in Tourism44545
Statistics Applied To Tourism667.567.5
Tourism in Rural and Urban Space567.567.5

2nd Year, 1st SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Monuments and Sites44545
Sociology of Turism567.567.5
Technical English I567.567.5
Tourist Animation and Event Management68080
Tourist Routes567.567.5

2nd Year, 2nd SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Communication and Public Relations68080
Project and Consultancy in Tourism44545
Promotion and Development of Tourist Destinations567.567.5
Technical English II567.567.5
Transport and Accommodation Systems in Tourism567.567.5

3rd Year, 1st SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Marketing of Tourism Enterprises567.567.5
Organization and Management of Tourism Enterprises567.567.5
Practices of Tourism Agencies and Operations567.567.5
Technical English III467.567.5
Training I64545

3rd Year, 2nd SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Consumer Behaviour in Tourism44545
Development and Implementation of Tourist Projects567.567.5
Development and Innovation of Tourist Products567.567.5
Law and Ethics in Tourism567.567.5
Technical English IV567.567.5
Training II64545
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