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Degree in Law for Solicitors

Course Curriculum 2017/2018

1st Year, 1st SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Constitutional Law6303060
European Union Law54545
Fundamental Notions of Law6303060
General Accounting6303060
Professional Ethics and Deontology43030
Study Methods and Tecnics34545

1st Year, 2nd SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Administrative Law6303060
Criminal Law Procedure and Administrative Penalties54545
General Theory of Civil Law8454590
Legal Psychology44545
Mediation and Alternative Litigation34545
Social Security Law44545

2nd Year, 1st SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Administrative Procedural Law6303060
Commercial Law44545
Family Law6303060
Labour Law4301545
Law of Obligations I6303060
Property Law44545

2nd Year, 2nd SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Civil Procedural Law I6303060
Company Law54545
Law of Obligations II6303060
Leasing and Real Estate Management44545
Sucession Law5303060
Tax Law I46060

3rd Year, 1st SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Civil Procedural Law II6303060
Contract Law5303060
Notarial Law and Civil Registry5303060
Tax Law II56060
Urban Planning Law44545

3rd Year, 2nd SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Civil Procedural Law6303060
Insolvency Law54545
Inventory Procedure and Tax Effects54545
Procedural Law – Enforcement Proceedings56060
Real Estate and Commercial Registry5303060
Tax Procedures44545
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