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Degree in International Relations

Course Curriculum 2017/2018

1st Year, 1st SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
English B1.156060
Introduction to Economics5303060
Introduction to Law8453075
Methodology and Research in International Relations66060
Statistics and Data Analysis56060

1st Year, 2nd SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
English B1.256060
History of International Relations56060
Information and Knowledge Society3301545
International Economics and Globalisation66060
Public International Law6303060
Theory of International Relations66060

2nd Year, 1st SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Contemporary International Politics66060
English B2.166060
European Union Law5303060
Human Rights and International Cooperation66060
Political Science7453075

2nd Year, 2nd SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Development, power and inequality66060
English B2.266060
Geostrategy and Resources6
International Organisations6
International Relations Issues6

3rd Year, 1st SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
English C1.166060
Peace and Security Studies6

3rd Year, 2nd SemesterCurricular UnitECTSTTPPLTCOTSEOTotal
Democracy and international governance6
English C1.266060
Foreign Policy Analysis6

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